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Regular HVAC Maintenance Tips

Here are some useful strategies you should employ this spring to ensure your system continues working through summer and fall:


Now that spring has arrived, it’s time to help your yard turn over a new leaf. One way to do that is to take that phrase literally: give your yard a deep, thorough raking to remove all the old leaves and blades of grass that have accumulated.

These elements block the sunlight from getting to the grass and plants beneath them, so raking and removing them gives the plants underneath the best chance at starting with a healthy amount of sunlight.


Similar to raking, you may consider aerating your soil. This involves poking holes throughout the soil that allows outside air and water to reach deep into the roots where they normally wouldn’t.


As always, for many of the same reasons as raking. Now that warmer weather is arriving, the grass is starting to grow faster and faster and can quickly get overwhelming without a measured approach.

If you haven’t already, now is the time to do any necessary maintenance on the mower. Sharpen or replace the blades and ensure everything is running as it should. Then once the weather heats up, keep up with mowing weekly or bi-weekly.

Service Installation

While spring is a fun time of year, it’s unfortunately also typically when HVAC systems start to go out. A problem you’d rather do without. Rapidly heating and cooling in the spring can be detrimental to your system ad cause premature issues. Always reach out to a professional HVAC company for service installation and maintenance-related issues you might be facing. 

Emergency Services

The most common type of emergency HVAC service we provide is servicing HVAC systems in the summer. This occurs because the extreme heat puts a lot of stress o your system and requires it to kick into overdrive- hence going out. While it can be hard to prevent due to living conditions in Portland, it’s important to apply to upkeep maintenance on your HVAC system year-round.

Get Professional HVAC Help Today

If you’re looking to keep your Greenville property looking beautiful for spring, summer, and beyond, the solution is here: Tumbledown Heating, Venting & Cooling. Our locally-owned and operated business employ reliable HVAC technicians that know the Greenville climate well and know exactly what to do to help your home thrive. Call us today for more details.

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"Logan was awesome! Very polite and pleasant. Listened to my concerns and did a great job as usual. I love that they are so thorough. You just can't beat Tumbledown's service!"

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"We highly recommend Tumbledown HVAC for the quality of service and the staff. We’ve had Tumbledown for over a year and a half now and they have always exceeded our expectations."

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"I called on a weekend after our AC failed.  Tumbledown was able to come out quickly! They were thorough in assessing the problem and our technician was very professional. Saved what would have been a summer event without the AC!  Very happy with their service and highly recommend them!"

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